The inspiration for my artwork comes from architecture, engineering, and the environment. I have always been fascinated by the connection between materials and the movement that is created by their composition. This lends the structure a sort of tactile quality. It is my intention to create art that desires the viewer to interact beyond a visual sense; I encourage the sense of touch. Should my art coax a person to reach out and touch a part of the composition, no matter how small the detail, I have successfully interacted with their emotions. The purpose of my work is to break the flat plane of a painting, and thus is founded in the principles of constructivism. The culmination of finishes, elevation and relief of materials, and the texture create movement and activity across the entire artwork. People, objects, location, and the interaction between each creates life. Life in art is created as light reflects from each detail, color, or texture and interacts with the viewer; satisfaction is the return interaction. During my career in architecture spanning the last two decades, I have focused on art and its relationship with architecture. Knowledge of the complexities of architecture has given me the ability to transform architectural elements into my artwork. My ability to translate the relationships of architecture, structure, function, and color has allowed for the creation of art based upon proportion, scale, and form.